How to shine hardwood floors

Giving your hardwood floors a good shine involves several steps. First, you need to get them clean. Vacuum, sweep, or dust-mop the floors to remove surface dust, dirt, and grit. Then use a damp mop or cloth; you can use a product made for hardwood floors, or even a little dish soap dissolved in water. Do not use vinegar, however, because it is acidic and will dull the floor. If you use dish liquid, rinse so as not to leave a sticky film. Don’t leave any standing water, and it’s best to dry the floor afterward.

You can shine hardwood floors even more with buffing, but this is more work than you really need to do. An industrial strength floor restorer will shine hardwood floors and protect them from future stains and heel marks. Pro Shot® Floor Restorer has been used successfully on everything from a 100-year-old home’s hardwood floors, to high-traffic venues such as schools and airports, to new floors that will stay looking new. It fills scratches on hardwood floors and helps protect your floor from future damage.

The best way to shine hardwood floors is usually just with regular sweeping and damp mopping with water, and perhaps a little cleaning solution, followed by Pro Shot® Floor Restorer. One application will last months and months, and your hardwood floors will stay looking shiny and new. Pro Shot® Floor Restorer is water-based, and petroleum-free making it is safer for you and your family.

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